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Web Marketing

E-marketing is our main specialty: We promote your business online.

With our worldwide network of communication professionals we're able to create online advertising campaign localized wherever you want on the planet.

Our net-working mode allows us to offer you high quality results at affordable prices.

Our services include:

- Search engines indexing, optimizing meta tags and keywords to achieve the best position possible.
- Access statistics analysis to spot the optimal marketing target..
- Web promotion of sites and products: banners and links campaign in search engines, vertical portals and mailing lists.
- Branding: products, site or company name broadcasting on the net.
- Market analysis, market research and targeting, locally worldwide.

antipodi does not offer direct marketing services, phone marketing or e-mail unsolicited promotion (SPAM). We believe that privacy is one of the basic man rights and we'll not violate it for any reason nor any compensation.

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